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Global First IMC Announcement
Global First IMC Announcement
Publish Time:2019-01-21 10:48:52

Distinguished BIONE users:

The IMC (IMARKETSLIVE Group) will officially launch its global debut on the BIONE Exchange on July 23.

10 am point open recharge, 15:00 PM open trading, 24 days open withdrawal.

IMC Moss Coin Ecology is based on the rapid processing of distributed collaborative finance in block chain technology. It integrates the rapid intervention of global financial resources, subverts the traditional financial linkage industry through block chain technology, and builds a global fast interoperability barrier-free distributed financial collaborative service platform.

IMC is the abbreviation of IMARKETSLIVE COIN. The ecosystem of IMC (IMARKETSLIVE Group) is a set of new open source computing software developed by Huiyi Investment Group and IMC technical team in three years, which makes the traditional financial model faster and faster.

IMC features:

The total amount is 4000W, and the holder of ETH is given IMC candy 1:1.

3. Extend the operation cycle of Proof of Work and Proof of State.

In 2019, POS hard disk algorithm was added to support distributed storage.

IMC official website:

18 July 2018