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Warm Tip: CDR Start Token Destruction
Warm Tip: CDR Start Token Destruction
Publish Time:2019-01-21 13:50:46

Respected Users:

In order to promote the stability of CDR value, after community discussion and a vote by all shareholders of the Institute, it was decided to destroy part of the CDR of the non-circulating platform token. The number of CDRs destroyed is 820 million. After the destruction, the distribution scale of CDRs has been reduced to 80 million, less than one tenth of the original number. After the destruction, Sanjin Institute will devote itself to the development of landing application projects to create continuous investment value and dividend income for currency holders.

Destruction Rules:

The number of primary CDRs is 900,000,000

The number of CDRs destroyed is 820,000,000

The number of CDRs issued after destruction has been reduced to 80,000,000

Date of destruction: before 25 January 2019

Method of destruction:

We will transfer the destroyed CDR tokens to a designated ETH wallet address where the smart contract will execute the destruction. The total amount of CDR will be reduced after destruction. Users can search the destruction information on the block through the smart contract address. Please pay attention to the following official supplementary announcement for the specific smart contract (destruction) address.

Locking plan:

The distribution scale of 80 million yuan is planned to circulate 25 million yuan in 2019; the remaining 55 million yuan is planned to be unlocked in three years starting in 2020. Follow-up companies will adjust their business strategy according to the operation of the project, which does not exclude the possibility of secondary destruction.

Thank you for your support for CDR!

BIONE Operating Center

9 January 2019