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Bitlong BTL Bitron will land on BIONE
Bitlong BTL Bitron will land on BIONE
Publish Time:2019-01-21 13:53:22

Respected Users:

Bitlong BTL Bitron will land on the BIONE Digital Money Exchange on 2019/1/16

Open charging time: 12:00 am (GMT+8) on January 13

Open trading hours: 14:30 PM (GMT+8) on January 16

Open trading pairs: BTL/USDT, BTL/ETH, BTL/BTC

Currency Profile:

English name: Bitlong BTL Chinese abbreviation: Bitlong

Country of issue: Singapore circulation: 1 billion BTL

Bitlong BTL Bitron is an encrypted digital currency based on block chain technology, a future digital cash, you can pay anywhere and anytime.

Bitlong BTL is a block chain payment project in the digital age. It has revolutionary block chain technology and far-reaching mission. It can make your life better. Bitlong BTL is a great block chain payment project which will be developed for ten years.


Coin Exchange:

January 12, 2019

BIONE Operating Center