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TTCM is about to land on BIONE
TTCM is about to land on BIONE
Publish Time:2019-01-21 13:55:54

Respected Users:

TTCM Purchasable Pass will be launched on BIONE Digital Money Exchange on 2019/1/17

Open charging time: 12:00 am (GMT+8) January 29

Open trading time: January 29, 14:30 PM (GMT + 8)

Open trading pairs: TTCM/USDT, TTCM/ETH, TTCM/BTC

Currency Profile:

English Name: TTCM Chinese Abbreviation: E-commerce Pass

Country of issue: Hong Kong circulation: 68 million TTCM

TTCM is an encrypted digital pass based on block chain technology.

A digital passport for a commercial city.

In the commercial city, all block chain digital assets can be converted at any time and anywhere.

TTCM is a block chain economic project in the digital age. It builds a business ecological alliance to realize the perfect combination of the licensing economy and the real industry.


Coin Exchange:

Yuanwan Operating Center

January 17, 2019