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BIONE China New Year sends 500,000 TRX
BIONE China New Year sends 500,000 TRX
Publish Time:2019-01-31 09:01:43

Activity time: 2019.02.02 - 2010.02.10

Activity currency: TRX - wave field

Number of rewards: 500000

TRX current price: 0.18 yuan


rule of activity:

Invite friends to register and real name from the start of the event (no invitation is allowed)

Invited friends to register their real names. After the review, the inviter will immediately get 10 TRX (wave field).

There is no limit to the invitation, 10 people are invited, 100 people are invited to 1000, and 10,000 people are invited.

A total of 500,000, the number of activity cutoffs is given priority, and the deadline is the deadline.


Invite friends process:

Open the BIONE website: and log in

Sign in to complete the click on the top right corner of the personal center - drop down to the bottom to copy the invitation code or invitation link - send to a friend


The event has been officially recognized and sponsored by the TRX Wavefield.

The final interpretation of this activity belongs to BIONE.


Note: BIONE will officially launch TRX wave currency on 2019.02.02. Open trading open trading date please pay attention to BIONE official announcement.


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