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BIONE Exchange Announcement on Opening Vollar Recharge and Trading
BIONE Exchange Announcement on Opening Vollar Recharge and Trading
Publish Time:2019-03-12 17:00:27

Respected Users:

Hello, according to the market situation and user's suggestion, BIONE Digital Money Exchange will open Vollar recharge on March XXX, 2019, Vollar/XXX on March XXX, 2019, Vollar/XXX on March XXX, and Vollar withdrawal on March XXX, 2019.

Vollar Profile:

Vollar is the name of the basic circulation unit in the VDS ecosystem and the only commercial and financial transmission medium. In addition to account recording and payment, Vollar can also activate VID, bid for VAD advertisements, stimulate the operation of the primary node (to ensure the stability of the network), and run intelligent contracts within the system.

V-Dimension, or VDS for short, is a revolutionary piece of block chain social practice that the team of developers has worked hard for more than two years at a cost of $20 million. It is not a single technology block chain project, but a distributed private internet based on block chain, which integrates many research results.

VDS is a super deep network based on block chain and operated by anonymous distributed server; it is the safest covert chat tool in the history of transmitting encrypted information through distributed anonymous network; it is a decentralized MLM network constructed by the bottom of block chain transaction; it is a distributed OTC trading network that can exchange all legal currencies in the world; it is a network that can transfer encrypted information through zero knowledge. It proves that the technology can deal with the encrypted currency anonymously; it is a green channel that allows Bitcoin to exchange anonymously for more legal currency; it is a decentralized all-network advertising information bidding and publishing platform; and it is an open ERC 2.0 platform with the development ability of intelligent contract Dapp.

VDS official website: http://vdsvxmxpssszd.onion/

BIONE Exchange Official Website:

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