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NSS About to log on to the exchange
NSS About to log on to the exchange
Publish Time:2019-04-11 16:30:15

Respected Users:

NSS/New Energy Technology Chain will be launched on BIONE Exchange.

On-line time: 18 April 2019

Open charging: 8:00 on April 18, 2019

Open trading: 15:00 on April 18, 2019

Open withdrawal: 15:00 on April 18, 2019

Open trading pairs: NSS/USDT

Contract address: 0x4e3bddd468abfc6c88bc25daa5d894380ced5bc8

In consultation with the BIONE Exchange, NSS officials decided to organize the following activities:

Activity 1: "Net transfer to NSS, divide up 10,000 NSS

Users transfer from the station to the NSS to BIONE exchange.

2. Net inbound NSS = inbound NSS - outbound NSS (including inbound outbound)

3. During the NSS incentive activities, users who take snapshots at the end of the activities will be rewarded with the proportion of net transfers and total net transfers.

For example, at the end of the activity, Zhang San's net transfer of system snapshots was 20,000 NSS, and the total net transfer of system snapshots was 200,000 NSS. Zhang San's net transfer of NSS accounted for 10% and awarded 1000 NSS.

Activity 2: "Trading NSS, Dividing up 10,000 NSS

During the activity period, we ranked the top 10 awards according to the transaction fees and sales generated by NSS.

Specifically as follows:

First prize: 1800 NSS Awards

Second place: 1400 NSS Awards

Third place: 1200 NSS Awards

Fourth place: 1 100 NSS Awards

Fifth place: 1000 NSS Awards

Sixth place: 900 NSS Awards

Seventh place: 800 NSS Awards

Eighth place: 700 NSS Awards

Ninth place: 600 NSS Awards

Top 10: 500 NSS Awards

Note: Users are welcome to participate in this online activity. The incentives are limited. First come, first served, and after donation.

After the event, the staff will complete the award within three working days.

The final interpretation right of this event belongs to NSS New Energy Official Ownership.

Introduction to NSS Currency:

Realize the scale application of new energy vehicles. Promote the development of new energy industry. Promote the safe and efficient development of nuclear power. Promote the high quality and efficient development and utilization of wind power. Promote the diversified and large-scale development of solar energy. We will actively promote the comprehensive utilization of various forms of new energy and vigorously develop efficient and energy-saving industries.

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BIONE Operating Center

April 11, 2019