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POC is about to log on to BIONE
POC is about to log on to BIONE
Publish Time:2019-04-20 16:59:23

Respected Users:

POC logged on to BIONE on April 23. Please look forward to it.

Open withdrawal time: 15:00 on April 23: 15:00 on April 29

Contract address 0xc9c4d9ec2b44b241361707679d3db0876ac10ca6

Project Profile:

POC plays an important role in the application scenarios of digital assets, data validation, block chain finance, social governance, payment and receipt.

In order to meet the broader application scenario, POC has made breakthroughs in terms of transaction capacity and transaction speed, far exceeding the current speed of five transactions per second and one confirmation processing in 10 minutes in the mainstream currencies, and will open PC, APP and Web wallets to facilitate cross-platform applications.

POC brings practical and simple solutions for online and offline payment and digital asset circulation, compatible with the mainstream block chain ecosystem.

Players can directly use POC to charge, inquire about vehicle violations, pay for vehicle violations, refueling card recharge, drip taxi, Suning, Merchandise Club, etc.

Ctrip membership card recharge and so on, many practical applications in life.

Project website:

BIONE Operating Center

April 20, 2019