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Singapore BIONE exchange vollar (VDS) activity scheme
Singapore BIONE exchange vollar (VDS) activity scheme
Publish Time:2019-05-06 11:46:16

BIONE is the first exchange to launch vollar (VDS) on the whole network. In order to promote the continuous and healthy development of vollar (VDS), the following activities will be started in May.

1. Free trading: the BIONE exchange will open vollar (VDS)/USDT trading pairs on May 8, 2019. The exchange will then permanently waive transaction fees.

2. Position snapshot: from may, BIONE exchange will offer snapshot reward every month, and holders of vollar (VDS) can participate. The specific rules are as follows:

(1) average monthly amount of vollar (VDS) held by an account:

Monthly average position number: 500-3000

(position bonus of 5%+ additional ranking bonus of COINS in this range: 10-100, top 10, first 100, second 90, ranking bonus)

Monthly average position quantity: 3000-10000

(7% bonus for holding position + additional 50-500 COINS for holding position in this range, top 10, first 500, second 450, according to the ranking)

The average monthly holding quantity is 10,000-50000

(10% bonus for holding positions + additional 100 -- 1000 COINS will be awarded to the top 10, 1000 to the first place and 900 to the second place according to the ranking)

The average monthly holding quantity is above 50,000

(15% bonus for holding positions + an additional reward of 1000-10000 COINS in this range, the top 10, the first 10000 COINS and the second 9000 COINS will be awarded according to the ranking)

(2). Snapshot rule: every Monday 12:00, 24:00 during the activity

Every Wednesday 12:00, 24:00

Every Friday 12:00, 24:00

Every Sunday 12:00, 24:00

3. Trading competition: starting from May 8th, the trading competition will be held on a monthly basis. The end date of the first round will be June 8th.

Rules for the first round of trading competition:

The trading competition is based on actual normal trading data (except malicious brushing and other means).

The trade competition sets up the alliance main prize, the rank prize, participates in the prize

Leader award:

Conditions: this month's largest transaction volume users

Awards: BIONE built its own VDS super node to share revenue, and won the first prize to award 5000 vollar

Ranking award: set the award according to the ranking of monthly normal trading volume

1st place: 5,000 vollar

2nd to 10th: 1,000 vollar

11th to 30th: award: 500 vollar

Rewards for the above activities shall be delivered to the user's BIONE account within one week after the deadline (the user shall complete kyc real-name authentication and participate effectively).

The right of final interpretation of the above activities belongs to Singapore BIONE exchange.

Risk tip: digital currency belongs to high-risk and high-return investment. It is recommended that you make investment after a comprehensive understanding of each project to be invested. Investment has risks, and all profits and losses have nothing to do with the exchange.

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May 5, 2019