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ILCoin Online BIONE Exchange
ILCoin Online BIONE Exchange
Publish Time:2019-05-11 11:51:18

Respected Users:

It's my pleasure to inform you that ILCoin (ILC) will be launched on the BIONE Exchange soon.

Open Exchange Time: May 25, 2019

Project brief introduction

ILCoin (ILC), originally as a substitute for Bitcoin (BTC), has established its own unique block chain network.

It uses SHA-256 technology to mine (POW workload proof), which effectively faces the future and resists the threat of quantum computing.

This is a major improvement in the current consensus agreement in the market and ensures that IlCoin is not attacked by a malicious third party of 51%.

Users can also store IlCoin in their local wallets built for various platforms, including cloud-based applications and local applications for Android, OSX and PC.

In addition, IlCoin can be easily transferred at very low cost, and users can view their IlCoin transactions in the company's block browser.

In the near future, the company will issue IlCoin Intelligent Contracts, making IlCoin the first block chain using SHA-256 technology, and pushing intelligent contracts to the market.

Project activities:

After going online, a trade competition was held. The first one sent 20,000 ILC, the second 15,000 ILC, the third 10,000 ILC and the fourth 5,000 ILC.

Project website:

BIONE Money Community (No Wall Turning Software)

BIONE Telegraph Community (requiring wall-turning software)

BIONE official Wechat customer service micro-signal: biwanwang

BIONE official Twitter:

BIONE official facebook:

BIONE official customer service mailbox:

BIONE Operating Center

11 May 2019