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KMT is about to land on BIONE Exchange
KMT is about to land on BIONE Exchange
Publish Time:2019-05-14 09:41:31

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KMT is about to land on BIONE Exchange

On-line time: mid-June,

Filling time: June 15.

Project Background:

According to the relevant information of the Chinese Embassy in Uganda, China is the largest source of foreign direct investment in Uganda.

In fiscal year 2017-2018, investment from China accounted for 40% of all foreign direct investment in Uganda.

Chinese-funded enterprises have a high market share in Uganda, involving hydropower construction, power transmission and transformation, highway transportation, housing construction and communications industries.

The Value and Advantage of Carmen Pass:

Traditional paper commercial bills: Regulators (such as the central bank) can not uniformly monitor the issuance and transaction of bills, and are prone to illegal risks such as forgery of bills and multiple mortgages.

Digital commercial paper: It is difficult to obtain credible transaction records and regulators can not fully monitor bills if there are transfers and transaction records outside the unified trading platform/exchange.

Carmen Pass: It is suitable for multi-centralized bill trading system, while ensuring the consensus of all parties to confirm the record of bill trading, the transaction history can not be tampered with, reducing transaction risk and trust cost.

Guarantee the supervision and traceability of bill transaction records by various regulatory bodies, while avoiding the disadvantages of centralization.

The value and advantages of Carmen Card: to solve the traditional process of asset trustees, asset managers, asset custodians, investment consultants, auditors, etc.

Each has its own information system, collaboration and transaction process time-consuming and laborious (such as redundant and inefficient credit checking by telephone, fax, mail, etc.)

All parties transparently and efficiently share asset information, transactions and use records can not be tampered with, easy to supervise and improve the level of risk management. Constructing non-tampering in supply chain ecosystem

Highly secure and transparent sharing networks efficiently obtain such documents as the location of goods, trade-related documents (customs documents, bill of lading international trade efficiency and process cost reduction).

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May 13, 2019