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BCAC launched Bione exchange activities
BCAC launched Bione exchange activities
Publish Time:2019-06-26 09:52:48

Dear users:

To celebrate the launch of BCAC Bione exchange, and to give back to the active users of Bione exchange and BCAC community users, Bione launched "BCAC position ranking contest, 600,000 BCAC waiting for you to carve up".

The information of relevant activities is as follows:

Bione trading platform will open USDT top-up at 11:18 on June 26, and will open BCAC/USD trading pair at 11:18 on June 27. At the same time, Bione will also hold BCAC position ranking competition from June 27 to July 4, and give 600,000 BCAC gifts.


1. Snapshot time: 2019/7/4 11:00(GMT+8)

2. Activity reward: 600,000 BCAC

3. Activity form:

A. users on the BIone website will be ranked according to BCAC positions at the snapshot point, and the top 70 will each receive 10,000 BCAC. (note: the minimum holding position of the winner should be more than 30000BCAC)

B. Award will be made within 7 working days after the activity.

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