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Announcement of bione about going online VAS
Announcement of bione about going online VAS
Publish Time:2019-11-13 15:21:10

Dear user

Vas will be launched in the world, which will shock the launch soon, and the time of transaction and replenishment will be announced separately.

Currency introduction:

Vas project started from Shenzhen network in 2016. At the beginning of the project, it was bifurcated from bitcoin source code. On the basis of bifurcated bitcoin code, reference and integrate the technical implementation of blockchain, distributed database, operation container and other systems such as Ethereum, bigchaindb, tendermint, mongodb, leveldb, docker, etc. after three years of research and development, on the basis of bitcoin, utxo model and POW consensus mechanism Finally, it integrates Google V8 intelligent engine, leveldb, BerkeleyDB distributed database, and extends and supports functions such as multi asset, intelligent transaction engine, blockchaindb (on Chain + off chain) big data distributed storage, POTP consensus algorithm, asset data double cross chain protocol, atomic exchange with intelligent matching engine, etc.

Token Name: value asset repository service chain

Abbreviation: VAS

Official website:

White paper:

Block browser:

Wallet download address: (choose one to download)

Risk tip: there is a risk of price fluctuation in digital currency. Please understand the products you want to invest before you invest. Please invest rationally within your tolerance and participate cautiously.