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BIONE: Information About the Second Phase of BrillStar Coin Options
BIONE: Information About the Second Phase of BrillStar Coin Options
Publish Time:2020-03-28 08:48:30

Dear BIONE User:

    BIONE has generated interest among users and organizations in the industry since we began promoting BrillStar Coin. We put the benefits to our users first when selecting to enter every option for BrillStar Coin. While examining the potential for this option, BIONE considered several aspects including our team’s background, financial strength, past experience, and industry reputation. In order to improve our users’ experience, BIONE will be adding a purchase section to our app for enhanced functionality.

    GBC (GOD Beast Coin) was initially set to be brought online and part of BrillStar Coin on March 28, 2020. However, due to the need for strategic adjustments, March 28 will now be the opening for main board exchanges. BIONE Exchange will thus be canceling the March 28 purchasing event to protect our users’ interests.

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March 27, 2020