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BLT, BiONE star coin project, was snapped up in BiONE official website Labs on A
BLT, BiONE star coin project, was snapped up in BiONE official website Labs on A
Publish Time:2020-04-16 08:44:19

Dear BiONE users,

BLT, the second phase of BiONE star coin grand plan, will be snapped up in the official website of Labs at 12:00 on April 17th.

Buying rules:

Open at 12:00 pm. on 17th, the purchase progress is 100% automatically completed and then stop.

Total purchase amount: 1.05 million BLT

Unit price: 0.015USDT

Snap up condition: need real name authentication

Minimum limit of single: 2500 BLT

Maximum limit of single: 5000 BLT

Rules for winning the contract: the account shall not be lower than the minimum limit of USDT, and the total number of BLT shall be 1.05 million. The maximum for single person shall be 5000BTL.

Full name of token: Bltcoin

Token abbreviation: BLT

Total tokens: 110 million

Circulation: 5 million


The white paper of the project:

Project introduction:

The information related to the design, production, sale, collection and exhibition of jewelry is stored in the block chain by the use of block chain decentralization technology and encryption technology, so that it becomes a digital asset, which is established and disclosed. The trust of blockchain makes digital assets impossible to tamper with or delete. For each transfer of jewelry, blockchain enables the transaction history of jewelry (including ownership, production process, technology, sales record, transfer record and other key information) to be truly recorded. The openness of blockchain allows users to trace the source of jewelry through technology. The block chain obtains the confirmation and identification information of jewelry through the data chain, so that the digital identity information of jewelry can be uniquely confirmed, which helps to establish the integrity mechanism of jewelry market and improve the liquidity of jewelry market.

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April 16, 2020