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BIONE third phase selected coin BAA Detailed Purchase Announcement
BIONE third phase selected coin BAA Detailed Purchase Announcement
Publish Time:2020-04-27 14:24:47

BAA Purchase details:

Total: 1 million BAA

Unit price: 0.014USDT

Requirement: Real-name authentication, Holding more than 100USDT

Purchase limit per person: 500BAA - 2000BAA

Promotion time: 12:00 April 27, 2020 - 14:00 April 28, 2020 (UTC +8), participate in the Labs section of BiONE official website. One hour after subscription for equivalent USDT and airdrop the tokens to subscriber’s account. Opening trading on BiONE next day 10:00 (UTC +8).

Token information: BAA token(BAA)

Total supply: 100 million

Circulating supply: 4 million

Promotion amount: 1 million

Unit price: 0.014USDT

Project Intro:

BAA token (BAA) was launched by the Apollo Foundation of Singapore (Apollo). The foundation was established in September 2018. BAA has been applied on Banana Plus (Online movies, short videos, live streaming and shoppings) and has been building a global decentralized we-media platform. The platform bonus is shared by BAA holders. The BAA Token team is distributed throughout Singapore, Canada and China. The core members are experienced technical team members and are in the early stages of blockchain research in Singapore. Its founder, Colin, once served as the executive director of Canada's KTM listed company.


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April 27, 2020